Maximise Strength: 5/3/1 Regimen + Supplementation

The pursuit of Herculean strength and chiselled muscles often boils down to a blend of grit, sweat, and the right supplementation. But in a fitness landscape teeming with countless workout regimens and supplement stacks, finding the right combination can be tricky.

Enter the 5/3/1 workout regimen—a time-tested blueprint revered by serious lifters across the UK. When paired with PRO ELITE’s Creatine Monohydrate and X-Force Mass Gainer, this regimen promises to turbocharge your journey towards monumental strength and lean muscle gains. So, how does this synergy work?

Let’s delve in.

Unpacking the 5/3/1 Workout Program

The 5/3/1 workout regimen is no fleeting fad. It’s a structured program designed around the big four lifts: squat, bench press, overhead press, and deadlift. The beauty of this regimen lies in its simplicity yet strategic approach towards achieving formidable strength and lean muscle.

The Structure: The program spans four training days each week, each day dedicated to one of the major lifts. The ‘5/3/1’ rep scheme is a methodical approach towards progressive overload, a cornerstone for strength and muscle gains.

This workout is structured around a 4-week cycle, focusing on the core lifts: Overhead Press, Bench Press, Squat, and Deadlift, with each week having a distinct set of reps and weights based on a percentage of the lifter's one-repetition maximum (1RM)​.

Week Set % of 1RM Reps
1 Set 1 65% 5
Set 2 75% 5
Set 3 85% 5+
2 Set 1 70% 3
Set 2 80% 3
Set 3 90% 3+
3 Set 1 75% 5
Set 2 85% 3
Set 3 95% 1+
4 Set 1 40% 5
Set 2 50% 5
Set 3 60% 5

The “+” in the reps column denotes that you should aim for as many reps as possible, and week 4 is considered a de-loading week to allow for recovery.
The Benefits: Besides honing strength, this regimen cultivates discipline, consistency, and a profound understanding of one’s lifting capabilities.

The Supplementation Synergy

The amalgamation of PRO ELITE’s Creatine Monohydrate and X-Force Mass Gainer with the 5/3/1 regimen can be likened to having a turbocharged engine under a classic car’s bonnet.

Creatine Monohydrate: This supplement is a powerhouse for enhancing muscle energy, enabling you to lift heavier and push harder. Its role in the 5/3/1 regimen is invaluable, providing the extra oomph needed for those progressive overloads.

X-Force Mass Gainer: Aiding in achieving a calorie surplus—a non-negotiable for muscle growth—this mass gainer also ensures your body has the requisite fuel to recover and grow post-training.

Fusing PRO ELITE Supplementation with the 5/3/1 Regimen

Incorporating PRO ELITE’s supplementation into the 5/3/1 regimen is straightforward yet potent.

Timing: For optimal results, consider taking Creatine Monohydrate pre-workout for that energy boost, and the X-Force Mass Gainer post-workout to kickstart the recovery and growth process.

Real-world Impact: While individual results may vary, the synergy between disciplined training and targeted supplementation is a tried-and-true formula for transcending plateaus.

Personalising Your Strength Odyssey

Every lifter is unique, and tailoring the 5/3/1 regimen and supplementation routine to your goals, fitness levels, and recovery capacity is paramount.

Fine-Tuning: Whether it’s adjusting the rep scheme or supplement dosages, a personalised approach often yields the best results.

Exploration: Explore other PRO ELITE supplements that may dovetail with your training goals.


Marrying the structured approach of the 5/3/1 regimen with PRO ELITE’s premier supplementation is an exciting venture for any serious lifter.

his combination holds the promise of not just reaching but smashing through your strength and muscle-building goals!

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