Pro Elite Pure L-Glutamine 250g


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Benefits of Pro Elite Pure L-Glutamine Powder:

Say hello to the most widely used amino acid to assist the intense lifestyle of the modern-day athlete. L-Glutamine is used to increase strength, stamina and recovery, by reducing muscle soreness and improving the repair of muscle tissues. L glutamine is essential for muscle protein synthesis and an intense workout can deplete its levels for up to 6 days before it is replenished, without supplementation.

L-Glutamine has also been seen to stimulate the replenishment of muscle glycogen, aid in fueling and detoxifying the brain and helping to breakdown body fat, by assisting the body in producing more human growth hormone.

Pro Elite L-Glutamine includes the finest grade of Pure L-Glutamine, to ensure the end-user obtains the maximum value of amino acids in their nutritional plan.


Pure L-Glutamine Powder

When And How To Use:

Pro Elite recommends the following:

Allergy Warning:

This product is manufactured on equipment, which process products containing nut, gluten and eggs.


  • Always reseal container after use
  • Avoid storing in direct sunlight
  • Keep away from damp humid areas
  • Sore in a cool dark place
  • Keep away from heat
  • Keep away from children


It is important to consult your GP or health practitioner before adopting any training programme or form of dietary supplement. Individuals with health problems, high blood pressure, children, pregnant or lactating women or those receiving medication should only adopt this or any form of supplementation upon the advice of their GP. Contain source of Phenylalanine.